A – 2YF (L) 2Y Outdoor Telephone Cable

Cable construction
  • Bare copper conductor. solid. 0,6 and 0,8mm Ø
  • PE (2Y) core insulation, wall-thickness as per DIN VDE 0816 table 4
  • Core identification of quads marked with black rings
  • 4 cores twisted to a star quad
  • 5 star quads stranded to sub units, each 5 or 10 sub units stranded to main units and the sub or main units stranded to cable core
  • Core cavities continuously filled with petrol-jelly
  • Core wrapping with paper tape
  • Outer sheath, as laminated sheath (L)2Y, PE-coated aluminium tape spliced with PE (2Y) sheath
  • PE-outer sheath colour black
  • Sheath marking continuously with telephone-receiver. meter marking in white Colour
  • But at least for 2 quads.
  • Local cables with more than 100 pairs the test conductor/conductor is emitted.
  • Conductor Ø 0,4 mm on request.
Technical Data
  • According to DIN VDE 0816
  • Temperature range
    • Flexible -20°C to +50°C
    • Fixed installation to +70°C
  • Loop resistance at 20°C
    • 0.6 mm = max. 130 Ohm/km
    • 0.8 mm = max. 73.2 Ohm/km
  • Operating voltage (peak voltage) max. 225 V
  • Test voltage
    • core/core U eff. 500 V²
    • core/screen U eff. 2000 V
  • Insulation resistance min. 1.5 GOhm x km
  • Line attenuation of side circuits at 800 Hz 0.6 mm = 1.04 dB/km : 0.8 mm = 0.7B dB/km
  • Impedance of side circuites at 800 Hz 0.6 mm = 720 Ohm : 0.8 mm = 520 Ohm
  • Minimum bending radius approx. 10x cable Ø
  • Radiation resistance up to 80x106 cJ/kg (up to 80 Mrad)

These subscriber connecting cables are suitable for laying in under ground, in cable ducts and cable conduits. These cables are allowed in all types of installation plants. The cavities of the cable core. filled continuously with viscous compound (F). Both sides of PE-copolymere coated aluminium type (L) which is spliced with the outer PE-sheath ensures a barrier against water vapour and crosswise and longitudinal water tightness. Black coloured PE-sheath is UV-resistant. The Polyethelene material (PE 2Y) is halogen-free.