Cable construction
  • Finely stranded copper conductor, tinned, Class 5
  • Standards according to DIN VDE 0250
  • Basic material EPR compound
  • Inner and outer semi-conductive layer of semi-conductive rubber
  • Screened Cu wire braiding 16mm² or 25mm²
  • Outer sheath basic material PCP, compound type:5GM5 Colour:red
Technical Data
  • Rated voltage: Uo/U = 3,6/6kV to 12/20kV
  • Max. permissible operating voltage in A.C systems: Uo/U= 4,2/7,2 kV to 13,9/24 kV
  • Max. permissible operating voltage in D.C systems: Uo/U= 5,4/10,8 kV to 18/36 kV
  • A.C test voltage: 11 kV to 29 kV
  • Current carrying capacity according to DIN VDE 0298
  • Ambient temperature
    • Fully flexible operation: -25°C to + 60°C
    • Fixed installation: -40°C to +80°C
  • Max. permissible operating temperature of the conductor: 90°C
  • Short circuit temperature of the conductor: 200°C
  • Tensile load: up to 15 N/mm²
  • Torsional stress: + 25°/m
  • Minimum bending radii according to DIN VDE 0298
  • Resistance to oil according to DIN VDE 0473
  • Behaviour in case of fire to DIN VDE 0482

Single core cables are used in short lengths e.g, for connection of switchgear cubicles and for connection of mobile transformer substations to the overhead line. When laying and during operation, care should be taken to protect them against any excessive mechanical stresses