Cable construction
  • Electrolytic copper tinned, very finely stranded conductor to DIN VDE 0295
  • Optimal identification as a result of light insulation with numbers printed in black for power and control cables, protective earth-conductor green-yellow
  • Core arrangement laid up in a maximum of 3 layers. Length of lay 5 x Ø PROTOFIRM Special: First Sheath
  • Newly developed special compound based on PCP, colour:yellow Anti-Torsion Braid
  • Reinforced braid made of polyester threads in a vulcanized bond between the sheaths. Resulting in a high strength of the sheath system. PROTOFIRM: Third Sheath
  • A sheath system with a unique combination of flexibility and robustness has been achieved through the use of a new structure. Abrasion and tear proof special rubber compound based on PCP colour: yellow
Technical Data
  • Rated Voltage: Uo/U = 0.6/1 Kv
  • Max. permissible operating voltage in A.C systems: Uo/U = 0/.7/1.2kV
  • Max. permissible operating voltage in D.C systems: Uo/U 0.9/1.8kV
  • A.C test voltage: 4.0kV over 5 min
  • EMC assured as a result of special cable design
  • Ambient Temperature
    • Fully flexible operation: -35°C to + 60°C
    • Fixed installation : -50°C to + 80°C
  • Max. permissible operating temperature of the conductor: 90°C
  • Short – circuit temperature of the conductor: 250°C
  • Tensile load: up to 30 N/mm²
  • Torsional stresses: + 50°/m
  • Minimum distance with S-type directional changes: 20 x Ø
  • Oil resistant
  • Weather resistant, unrestricted use on outdoors and indoors, resistant to ozone, UV and moisture
  • Water compatibility given and verified in long-term tests

For use at high mechanical stress, especially for applications with frequent winding and unwinding with simultaneous tensile and torsional stress, for building machinery, conveyors, shifts and cranes. Usable as robust and all weather-resistant cables of roughest operations in mining and railway motors. Resistant to ozone, radiation, oils, acids, fat, petrol, chemicals and solvents. Suitable for outdoor installation in dry, damp and wet zones.